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Etenlux Lighting Tech Co.,Ltd.
Etenlux Lighting Tech Co.,Ltd.
Etenlux Lighting Tech Co.,Ltd.
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About Us

Welcome to Etenlux Lighting

Etenlux Lighting Tech Co.,Ltd. is a professional company of R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Services in LED commercial lighting products, located in Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China Focusing on research and development of The high-end LED commercial lighting products, our main products are include: Led Track Light, Led Grille light, Led Down light, Led Linear light and Led Pendant light etc. Widely used in brand clothing stores, luxury stores, museums, supermarket chains, auto 4S shops, high-end office space, etc...

Etenlux design team has nearly 10 years design experience of commercial lighting, adhering to the design concept is "Keep innovating base on market-oriented ", focusing on the R&D of high-end commercial lighting products, After few years' development, we have set up and improved our design system on product structure design, heat dissipation research , optical applications, and intelligent applications ,has developed a number of well-liked commercial lighting products, our products has the following characteristics: Novel appearance, high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, and cost-effective features, all of our products have passed CE,ROHS ,TUV Certificate, and own several patents.

Etenlux will adhering to our company philosophy - “People foremost and technological innovation”, constantly exploring the development of commercial lighting products , continuously improve the technology and intelligence of products , continuously optimize the product performance and performance ratio, continuously provide highly competitive commercial lighting products and lighting solutions for all of clients from the world .

Looking to the future, we will stay true to the mission, continue to explore, constantly beyond.

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